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Basic Rules Investing in HYIPs

Is there any risk in hyip?

what is hyip There is risk in any business. If you can’t take risk than you can`t expect to gain either. These HYIP companies manage their investment in high risky arena and that’s why they also make high profit.

So there is always a risk of losing money which can happen with any business. That’s why it’s always best to invest such amount which you can put under risk.

A responsible investors are always trying to mininimize risk in online investments. How to do this?

At first read some basic rules before investing in HYIPs:

  • Never invest more than you would like to lose
  • Do not invest anything before you have read, read and read some more about the different programs and strategy's
  • Do not trust all monitors that much. Try to find only honest monitor services. Some admins of hyip monitors are admins of monitored hyip programs also. Huge part of monitors announcing "Paying" long after ordinary members reports "non paying".
  • Be aware of duplicates, scammer scripts. It is easy to set up a HYIP buying a script - all too easy. Do not trust hyip programs structured on pirated scripts.
  • Avoid daily paying HYIPs, or HYIPs with unrealistic returns. "25% a day for 6 days" would be a scam. Remember that Saturday and Sunday are non-trading days.
  • Diversify your investments - do not put all your eggs in one basket.

When you consider to join a certain HYIP, google it with "ProgramName" + scam to see if anybody has been scammed by the program, and "ProgramName" + paying to see if anybody been paid by the program.

Always base your opinion on your own Due Diligence, never base it on a single persons recommandation.

Take your pricipal out ASAP, and then invest with the house's money.

Try to choose brand new programs to invest. If the chosen program turn to be scam or ponzie you have still chance to be in profit.

The problem with most of the programs up now, is that they have no legitimate way of earning income for their depositors, they just use future deposits to pay the ROI on past deposits. The rule is that if they offer more than 10% or 12% daily you can expect that it will not last very long.

Some of these sites will tell you up front that they are hyip games, and if you lose, they are not responsible for paying you back. Many of these sites will offer up to 300% daily ROI on your deposits, and these are the riskiest, and is mostly like gambling.

A Few Words About HYIP

A few words about hyips:

forex HYIP which stands for High Yield Investment Program is just what it sounds like, a program offering a high yield investment. HYIP's are offering probably the most profitable investments available today, much more than any bank or investment fund.

We can divide hyips to on-line and off-line investments. Off-line hyips are usually not available for common investors, their minimum of deposit is about $100k and more. In this reason we will direct our interest to online investment opportunities. These programs are offering very variable ROI (ROI - it means Return Of Investment) depend of types their investment plans: daily, weekly bi-weekly, Monthly, yearly. They are usually offering interest rates ranging between 0–5% Daily, 1-10% Weekly, 3-40% Monthly. But it`s not hard to find the programs that offer higher profit, if you find one you can be sure that it`s a scam (SCAM - is a HYIP or autosurf program that is obtaining money by means of deception. Scam is a fraudulent activity of such programs. Some people think that scams are about 99% of on-line investment business) or ponzi (Hyip ponzi - It`s any program which collect new investments to pay off the older ones. Those whom invest first are thus paid their returns from those who invest after them, leaving the last investors the ones who lose out. Many HYIPs who claim to be trading, investing, etc are really only running a ponzi scheme).

You can ask now: so if I find some investment program that offers about 1% daily can I invest with trust? The answer is: no! Only small percent of them (or maybe percent of percent) are really investing investors money rest of them are scams and ponzies. If you find such program it`s the first success only, the second is to find honest hyip admin person that really know what to do with your money to multiply it.

The main sources of incomes in High Yield Investment Programs are:

* Forex Market
* Stock Exchanges
* Sports Betting
* Export Import Trade
* Real Estate

Why they collect money from investors? If they make so high profit from investments why they do not invest own money only or why can`t they just get a bank loan? The reason is simple, as you know, money makes money. Every large corporation needs investors/shareholders for leverage.